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About Us

PentaSoft Infotech (PI) was started in 2014 by two to four people with least revenue. Today, it is a global leader in data sourcing, data management, back-office data administration and outsourcing solution provider in India.

World's most successful business relies on service and solution developed at PentaSoft Infotech for streamlining and managing their business data efficiently, accurately and off-course timely.

PentaSoft Infotech is a global data sourcing and data Management Company that stands for progress. With over 6+ year of experience and operations in all over India, it invents and integrates sufficient technologies, services to help forward thinking business, corporations, institutions and people manage their business data and succeed.

PentaSoft Infotech has been providing its services since 2014. The diverse portfolio of data research, conversion, solutions and services uniquely distinguished it from other global companies. 983+ satisfied clients have witness profitable business data solutions and services span all major industries counting education, legal, financial, manufacturing, human resource, travel, auto, telecommunication and many more.

Our Vision, Mission and Values:


"Globally Praised Data Management Company"


"Build Strategic Partnerships to Build Best Enterprise."


"We believe that excellence in services, clear understanding of business data and effective management derive us to deliver best."

Well Optimise and Up-dated Infrastructure:

  • Mighty storage facility
  • Wireless and LAN, WAN
  • Physical level security measures
  • Licensed desktop and servers
  • Secure FTP Connections
  • Well equipped operation centres
  • Capability to expand quickly for any bulk need
  • Well build company premises with electricity backups

PentaSoft Infotech helps its clients with research, enters, converts and manages valuable data for easy, secure and effective access in all platforms.

Let us use our expertise of industrial data management, best technologies, business-process and tactical solution development experience to help you transform your data for profitable business with minimal risk and disruption. Fill a brief contact form for free quote on projects.

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Our Services

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